During 2019, Bahia Sail Racing Association provided support to the young sailors shown below…enabling these sailors to participate in national and international types of events.

Jeffrey Petersen – CJ Buckley Regatta

Thank you so much for your support of my travels to the CJ Buckley Regatta this year. Being able to attend this event was an extremely valuable experience. With such a high level of competition and so many races, it was the perfect event to gain a lot of experience in team racing. Thank you for your support. Without it, I would have not been able to compete in this year’s event.

Alex Stauffer – C420 North American Championship

Thank you so much for your financial support, helping me to attend the 2019 Club 420 North American Championship hosted by St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco, California. I attend along with my skipper Sophia Devling. The experience I gained and the opportunity to race in San Francisco was amazing. As a team, we are very proud of all the improvements we have made to achieve our result. None of them would have been possible without your generous support. Thank you again!

Alex Stauffer – US Junior Women’s Double-Handed Championship

Thank you so much for your financial support, helping me to attend the 2019 U.S. Junior Women’s Double Handed championship for the Ida Lewis Trophy hosted by San Diego Yacht Club. I attend along with my skipper Sophia Devling in the C420 fleet.

The first day of racing was classic San Diego with five to ten knots.. The last day of racing required great focus with the wind dying and shifting. However, We continued to give it our all. Overall we finished in 7th place. The whole event was full of great learning and some very fun racing. I’m so glad that I was able to attend along with so many other awesome girls. Thank you again for your continued support!

Nathan Sih

Thank you so much for supporting Morgan and I this summer for our C420 trip. We learned much more than we could have back at home and it was an amazing experience traveling to new places and meeting new people!

Kenny & Jean Wanlass – C420 North American Championships

We would like to thank the Bahia Sail Racing Association for the generous financial support that enabled us to compete in the 2019 C420 North American Championships. Overall, we had a great experience at North Americans, and we are extremely grateful to Bahia Sail for supporting our goals and giving us this amazing opportunity. Kenny Wanlass and Jean Wanlass, Balboa YC

Jeffrey Petersen – C420 Nationals

Dear Bahia Sail Racing Foundation. Thank you for supporting my team’s campaign to the 2019 C420 North American Championship at the Saint Francis Yacht Club. Your support means the world to my crew and I and we truly could not have competed without your support. We had a great event, and are very grateful for the opportunity to sail in such a fantastic event. We learned so much from this event, and look forward to taking our knowledge onto future events. Thank You again for your support. Jeffrey Petersen and Marbella Marlo

Morgan Pinckney – C420 Nationals

I would like to thank the BSRA, whose help made this event possible. This was a year-long effort, and Nathan and I met our goal of top 10. We are now looking forward to spending the rest of our summer sailing on the East Coast. Sailing is a huge part of my family’s life. I would not be able to compete or travel without the assistance of BSRA. I am extremely grateful to the Foundation for considering my grant applications. Every race is taken extremely seriously, with lots of preparation and focus, so that I don’t let down my supporters.

Gray Hemans – C420 Midwinters

Thank you so much for allowing me to sail C420 midwinters. I just started sailing with my new crew, Wynslow, and Midwinters was our first regatta together. Even though we lost boats here and there and we clearly could have placed higher, we sailed the boat 3 times together before this regatta and I was proud of both of us. I wouldn’t have been able to experience this if it was not for your grant. Thank you so much – Gray Hemans (Placed 26th out of 103 boats)

Reade Decker – C420 Midwinter Regatta

Thank you so much for supporting my participation in the C420 Mid Winters Regatta at Jensen Beach, FL. This was my first National C420 regatta. I joined fellow BCYC members and BCYC Jr. Sailing Director Aubrey Mayer at this event. I gained tremendous experience competing against East Coast sailors in a 90 boat fleet. I qualified for the Gold Fleet and I am motivated to participate in many more National Regattas.

Alexandria Stauffer – 420 Midwinter Championship

Thank you so much for your financial support, helping me to attend the 2019 Club 420 Midwinter Championship hosted by the U.S. Sailing Center Martin County in Jensen Beach, Florida. I attended along with my skipper Sophia Devling and our coach Adrienne Patterson as well as Jean Wanlass, Kenny Wanlass, Gray Hemans and Winslow Willmot.  We finished overall in 29th place. Our improvement could not have been possible without the many hours of training that we have put in along with your generous support. We have learned a lot thing to work in the next few months to perform our best in the summer. Thank you again for all your support.

Jean & Kenny Wanlass – 420 Midwinter Championship
(sail # 2002)

We would like to thank Bahia Sail Racing Association for their generous financial support which helped us attend the 2019 Club 420 Midwinter Championship in Jensen Beach, Florida. The conditions throughout the regatta were fairly consistent with medium breeze and flat water. We also had many opportunities to improve our skills on the reach leg in various amounts of breeze. Overall, we had a great experience, and we are grateful to our coaches and BSRA for their support of our sailing goals. Jean and Kenny Wanlass, Balboa YC

Nathanial Sih – 420 Midwinter Championship

Thank you so much to you, Mrs. Bacon, and BSRA for supporting my trip to Jensen Beach for the 2019 C420 Midwinters . I really appreciated all of your help to make this trip possible for Morgan and I. Thank you so much again for the foundation’s support