Past Funded Activities

DAVID WOOD – Thank you so much for the funding given so that I could travel across the nation to Clearwater, Florida. This fantastic trip wouldn’t have been possible without your support and help. While I was there, I learned so much about fleet management and adapting to new areas. I will forever remember these lessons and will be sure to use them in my next regatta. Once again thank you so much for the funding this incredible trip that couldn’t have been possible without you! Below is a detailed debrief of the event.

The first day of Midwinters East was very challenging. The wind was about 18 knots with four to five-foot swell. As I approached the race course, I knew it was going to be a long day. I did a practice upwind to get into the groove of things and immediately my outhaul broke. I still had over an hour before the first race, so I attempted to fix the issue. While I was working on the fix, my boat flipped due to the huge swell and my mast came out. This created a much more significant problem than the outhaul and led to me to be anchored on my laser offshore, with my mast in the water. After 40 minutes of determination, I finally gathered the strength to step my mast despite the unbearable conditions. Although my boat was semi-race ready, the safety boat forced me to head in after they saw the mast fall onto my head. I headed in to work on my outhaul and get checked by the paramedics. After I had been cleared, I attempted to head back out, but it was too late. The second and third days were quite calm in the wind and swell, and I tried to salvage a regatta…although the first day had put me in a position where I was not going to be able to do well. The final day of the regatta was very unfortunate since I got super sick the night before and did everything I could to race the last day, but was unable. Overall, I learned a lot about how to overcome adversity even in the toughest conditions.

DEREK AND SAMMY PICKELL – I wanted to pass on a belated thanks to BSRA for funding the participation in Orange Bowl. Derek and Sammy finished 26th out of about 100 boats and achieved a number of top ten finishes in a large, global fleet. Since this was Derek’s first 420 regatta and their first time sailing together, this finish beat expectations. Both are now planning for other national and international events. Thanks to BRSA for the support, it made a big difference! Thanks Derek and Sammy Pickell.

Jake Lake Garda 2015-2Garda Parade-2JAKE MAYOL – Thank you for your support which allowed me to sail with the USODA Team USA and attend the Lake Garda Optimist Meeting in Lake Garda Italy. Your support has helped me experience and advance my sailing. The Lake Garda Optimist Meeting is the largest youth regatta in the world and this year it had 860 championship Optimist sailing. There were over 28 countries attending from all over the world. Lake Garda is a large deep lake and is known to be very windy. Over the week of racing we had all different conditions and experienced a starting line with over 150 kids. On a couple of the days the wind blew over 20 knots and made the racing challenging with the races being over an hour long each. Lake Garda has huge rock walls on each side of the lake and is a beautiful place to sail. On the east side of the lake there was snow on the mountains and the water was very cold so I had to wear a dry suit and thick gloves which made it even more challenging. On the third day of racing the fleets were divided for the final medal round to Gold, Silver, Bronze, Emerald and Pearl. On the third day of very hard and windy racing I was seating in the bronze fleet for the final day of racing. I had a great final day and finished the racing with a 1 st and a 4th place to win the Bronze Fleet. One of my favorite things was being able to participate in the opening ceremony of the regatta. You walk with your country flag through the cobble stone streets of Riva del Garda with people cheering along the streets. I was also coached by some of the best coaches in the United States Clayton Johnson and Juan Carlos Romero.


MAYOL - Flanders Regatta

MAX MAYOL – Thank you so much for donating money for me to go to Belgium for the 2013 Flanders Regatta to sail Opti’s for Team USA . The regatta was an incredible experience. It had people from 12 different countries sailing. It was very interesting to hear people screaming protest in the different languages around the course. We had two practice days that were very helpful to learn the venue. The tide was a very big factor, the change from high to low tide was 36 feet. The current each day was about 3 knots. We had a variety conditions from light SoCal wind and very heavy wind. On the first couple of days the wind was 8-12 knots. The last few days we had wind that was about from 15-25 knots. These conditions helped me with my heavy wind techniques. At the end of the regatta I was the top US sailor and finished 28 out of 100.


COLE POMEROY (17157) – Recently, thanks to your funding, I was able to attend the 2013 Valentines Day Regatta in St.Petersburg, Florida. This was my second major travel regatta in Florida and one of the largest fleets I have sailed in with 264 boats competing, I finished 151st. Conditions were challenging with the wind being very light. Despite the conditions, this regatta was one of the most amazing learning experiences. I had the opportunity to work with the SailStrong Team coached by Peter Strong who is a well respected Opti coach. It was a very good experience sailing in St. Pete where the wind is much different than Newport Harbor. With each of these regattas I am able to attend, I continue to improve on my boat handling in different conditions.


MAX MAYOL – Thank you for helping to support Max in his St. Petersburg Florida Opti regatta. He was able to make his goal to qualify for the US Team Trials in May in Peewakee Wisconsin.

Jake Mayol

JAKE MAYOL – Thank you for the opportunity to go sailing at Orange Bowl and sail Opti’s. I had a ton of fun sailing. It was amazing to meet people from all over the world.. I met people from Great Britian, Peru, Austrailia and Bahamas. I never thought I would ever be able to do some thing like this and thank you for helping me.


MAX MAYOL – Thank you so much for granting me the money to go to Orange Bowl. It was the most fun regatta I have ever done. You know how some people say sailing isn’t about winning its about the people you meet. I met people from Australia, Great Britain, Peru, Finland, the Bahamas and many more. At Orange bowl I learned how to sail in a variety of conditions. Thank you so much I had so much fun.


COLE POMEROY – I want to thank BSRA for supporting me to attend the 2012 Orange Bowl Regatta in Miami, Florida. This was my first major travel regatta in the Opti and the largest fleet I have sailed in with more than 250 boats competing. This regatta was one of the most important learning experiences I have had. It was a very good experience sailing in Biscayne Bay where the wind and chop are much different than Newport Harbor. My focus now is to continue to improve on my skills sailing in large fleets and different conditions so I can attend more travel regattas in the future.

NHHS Sailing Team eprint

Thank you for BSRA’s donation to the Newport Harbor High School Sailing Team. Your contribution will support the team’s continuing efforts for a successful year. In addition to all the regular High School regattas, the NHHS Sailing Team has been practicing for the Pacific Coast Championships (qualifier for the Mallory, High School National Championship) and Baker Eliminations (qualifier for the Baker, High School Team Race National Championship). The team was successful in qualifying for both and they finished 5th in the nation at the Mallory Championship last weekend. The team will be flying to Boston later this month to compete in the Team Race Nationals.

ALEX IVORY – Thank you BSRA for supporting me for the Orange Bowl Regatta in Florida. I raced Club 420’s. I also raced in the Perry Series, again on 420’s, and placed tenth overall. The experience gained at the Orange Bowl Regatta helped prepare me for the Perry Series. Next, I will be competing in the US Women’s Double-Handed Championship on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota on June 24-30

JANE HOFFNER – Team Pilikia represented BCYC in the LEMWOOD regatta in October 2011. We appreciate BSRA’s generous contribution to the campaign costs which include boat charter fees and regatta entry fees. We had a great team of 12 women this year and finished 5th place out of nine boats. We had never raced together as a team so this was a great accomplishment. We look forward to representing BCYC again in 2012.
ELLEN COLLINS – Thanks to the funding from BSRA, I was able to compete for the fourth year in a row at the Lido 14 National Championship regatta. This year’s regatta was in Coronado, CA. This was my best finish at Lido 14 Nationals and I received a trophy for 5th place in the silver flight (sail # 6313).