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The guidelines below set forth our priorities when we consider applications for support.

1.  BSRA provides funding for training, equipment, transportation, and other related expenses related to the promotion of amateur sailing competition.

2.  Priority is given to requests for funds that are essential to participation in prestigious regattas and sailing events. Applicants must describe why BSRA funds are vital to them, and the role the funds will play in the event. We reserve the right to request evidence that the funds were indeed expended for the purpose described in the application.

3.  In additional to funding for participation in sailing activities, BSRA will consider requests for funds to purchase sails or other equipment vital to amateur sailing activities and programs.

4.  BSRA generally will not provide funds that supplement ongoing, standing budgets such as maintenance items or cost.  Our funding is targeted to specific activities and needs, with the aim of enhancing sailing activities beyond the level that can be achieved within ongoing budgets.

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